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Volunteer Attorney Assistance Program

Going to court is not an anticipated part of the college experience. Unfortunately, life isn't always predictable and the possibility of legal difficulties can arise quite unexpectedly.  Wonderful support from our graduates and friends of the College of Charleston community has formed a strong partnership - a partnership that brings together attorneys who volunteer their time to participate in a program that offers up to one hour of pro bono assistance to members of the College of Charleston community. The generosity of these volunteers makes a profound difference in the lives of our students and staff members who, for a number of personal or financial reasons, may never receive legal counseling.

How does the program work?

When contacting an attorney on the list, please let him/her know that:

  • you are a currently-enrolled student/staff member at the College of Charleston calling to use the Attorney Assistance Program that offers up to one hour of pro bono legal counsel
  • the attorney was selected from the General Legal Counsel listing provided by the College

 If, because of time, professional, or other reasons an attorney participating in this volunteer program is unable to assist you, it is appropriate to call another attorney on the general list. It is not appropriate to contact attorneys on this list if you are already represented by an attorney or have already obtained advice from an attorney.

Please Note: Further service(s) by the attorney after one hour pro bono must be negotiated between you and the attorney.  The attorneys are not employed by the College of Charleston or the State of South Carolina.  All of the lawyers participating in this program are part of the legal profession's finest tradition of providing limited free legal services to those who cannot afford to pay.